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Our company’s mission is to redesign the way that we interface with technology. We see phones as an appendage and portals to communicate around the world.

Human Design

Anatomia Humani Corporis by Govard Bidloo, 1685


Phones are an integral part of our world and function as portals to connect us with humans across borders. While the phone is used as an appendage, we feel as though the design can be improved for human use.


Inspired by the human form, Appendage will offer handheld devices and AR/VR headsets that connect us to each other comfortably and with ease.

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Appendage is a handheld Bluetooth device that fits on the index finger as a ring and into the palm of the participant. The device is to be connected to Appendage glasses (one lens displays). The display will allow participants to use the device when they are unable to use their phone or laptop to control the display e.g. when the participant is resting on one side.

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